Prudence "Prue" Halliwell

Classification: Witch

Status: Deceased (as of 2001)

Known Aliases: Ms. Hellfire & Manny Hanks

Known Powers: Telekinesis & Astral Projection

Greatest Fears: Drowning & Losing a Loved One

Sin Most Susceptible To: Pride

Appearances: adult Prue: S1 - S3; young Prue: S1: That '70s Ep

Family: maternal ancestors, Charlotte and Melinda Warren; maternal great-grandparents, P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson; maternal great-great-aunts, P. Bowen and P. Russell; maternal grandparents, Allen and Penny Johnson Halliwell; parents, Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett; sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell; half-sister, Paige Matthews; late husband, Zile; brothers-in-law, Leo Wyatt, Coop, and Henry Mitchell; nephews, Wyatt Halliwell, Chris Halliwell, and Henry Mitchell Jr.; nieces, Melinda Halliwell, P.J. Halliwell, Parker Halliwell, Peyton Halliwell, Tamora Mitchell, and Kat Mitchell


Played By: Shannen Doherty & Emmalee Thompson (young Prue)

Prue's Powers


Astral Projection